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I specialize in consumer culture and currently reside in Kyoto, Japan. I hail from Taiwan, grew up in Singapore, and previously worked in Malaysia before joining the Graduate School of Management at Kyoto University.

A Bit About Me

Ph.D. (Monash)

Senior Lecturer

Graduate School of Management

Kyoto University

I completed my Ph.D. in marketing at Monash University in 2020. My research focuses on the connections between consumption, sociology, and politics. I have studied how complex institutional forces lead to distinctive markets, such as the reproductive tourism market in China and Japan. In addition, I am interested in the political aspects of consumption and how it motivates consumers to engage in political behavior in the marketplace. I have used a variety of research methods, including interviews, netnography, projective techniques, and institutional data analysis.

Prior to joining Kyoto University, I served as a lecturer at Monash University's Malaysian campus. During my time at Monash, I taught marketing courses from Undergraduate Year 1 to Masters level. 

I am proficient in three languages: English, Chinese, and Taiwanese, and possess an intermediate level of Japanese proficiency. I also picked up some basic Malay language during my stay in Malaysia!

Academic Experience

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